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About Us

Tokyo Ninja Landscapes is a gardening company based in Melbourne.

It is a branch of Kameizoen, an Uekiya based in Tokyo, Japan.

Tokyo Ninja Landscapes provides professional and high-quality gardening services, including pruning, hedging, landscaping, pest control, and soil improvement.

Uekiya(植木屋)means “gardener” in Japanese. To be a true Japanese gardener, you have to think about how each plant looks from every viewpoint, how to balance the trees within a garden's scene, and how to adjust the pruning of trees to sprout lots of flowers in Spring.
Tokyo Ninja Landscapes achieves the beauty a garden has to offer by more than just pruning.
We also manage the garden throughout every season, conduct soil improvement and pest control, and offer a variety of Japanese landscaping and spot garden options.
We use and combine everything we can to make your garden and home a tranquil and beautiful space.

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Born and raised in Tokyo, Takashi’s story as a Japanese gardener started when he was just 19. Young and ambitious, he knocked on the door of a small, local gardening company in his neighbourhood. He was deeply moved and very quickly fell in love with the work of Japanese gardening with its traditions and authenticity.

Just six years after starting his life as a gardener, he achieved the first of his major childhood dreams of being a CEO of his own company. After opening the business, Takashi has continued to support and inspire those around him, cultivating a strong and passionate community across an array of industries. 30 years of experience later, he has never lost his passion about gardening and living an interesting life. Kameizoen is where he accomplishes his goals of supporting young gardeners and spreading the culture of Japanese gardening within Japan and overseas.

People describe Takashi as curious, friendly, and ambitious. He is often compared to a fish like tuna, which is a Japanese metaphor for someone who is energetic and never stops moving forward.

Takashi is an avid sports lover, often playing sports like Golf, American Football, Futsal, and Soccer. Another of Takashi’s dreams was sponsoring a sports team, which he achieved in 2020 by sponsoring the Futsal team Ligare Tokyo.

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Banto(Head Gardener)MASAMITSU INOUE

Born and raised in Kaga, also known as Ninja Village, Japan, Masamitsu grew up in a family of gardeners. Masamitsu’s family has run a Japanese gardening company for generations. Masamitsu has always loved gardening, attending university to study landscaping so that he may one day inherit his family’s company. He met Takashi, the owner of Kameizoen, through university, becoming his apprentice soon after. He is Kameizoen’s 番頭(Banto), the worker who is most skilled and experienced in gardening.

When Takashi first introduced the idea of starting a business in Melbourne, Masamitsu put his hand up to move to Melbourne and run it. Since first arriving in Melbourne in 2019, Masamitsu has built a strong community throughout Melbourne.

Masamitsu is shy at first, but very warm and humorous when people get to know him. Like Takashi, he loves sports, often playing baseball and going snowboarding. People often describe Masamitsu as a samurai, as he embodies the polite, reserved, and driven nature which make samurai so famous.


剪定Garden maintenance/Pruning

We provide high quality gardening services to make your garden not just tidy but beautiful throughout every season.

造園坪庭Landscaping and spot gardening

Our landscaping services offer whole garden design; we aim to work with you to create your ideal garden. For those who want an authentic Japanese space in their home, our spot garden services are an excellent option. Spot gardening is a type of traditional Japanese gardening which uses a small amount of space to incorporate nature and beauty into your home.

施肥、消毒Pest control and Soil improvement, etc.

We provide a variety of necessary services to upkeep your garden and make it a comfortable and tranquil space by controlling pests and improving soil quality.


剪定 Garden maintenance

(including pruning, hedging and cleaning) $60p/h per
gardener; however, the yearly contract would be $55p/h per gardener.

Please contact us for a consultation and a more detailed quote.


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